Ron Adner. Building strategies for success in an interdependent world.

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How to compete in a world of ecosystems

Winning the Right Game introduces the concepts, tools, and frameworks necessary to confront the threat of ecosystem disruption and to develop the strategies that will let your organization play ecosystem offense.

How to innovate in a world of ecosystems

The Wide Lens is the definitive guidebook to this new world. Its breakthrough approach will help you and your team eliminate your strategy blind spots and multiply our odds of success.

One of our most important strategic thinkers for the twenty-first century.

—JIM COLLINS, author of Good to Great and How the Mighty Fall , coauthor of Built to Last and Great by Choice.

Knowledge in Practice: Innovation Ecosystems

Clayton Christensen discusses Ron Adner’s contribution to Disruption Theory Excerpt from Oxford Clarendon Lecture.

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